Royan-Médis Airport (LFCY)

NameRoyan-Médis Airport
Country codeFR

Royan-Médis Airport (LFCY) is a small regional airport located in southwestern France, near the city of Royan. The airport is primarily used for general aviation, including private and recreational flights, as well as air taxi and training services.

The airport has a single asphalt runway of 900 meters in length, suitable for light aircraft and helicopters. The facilities at LFCY include a modern terminal building, a fuel station, and a parking area for aircraft. Additionally, the airport offers a range of services for pilots and passengers, including weather information, maintenance services, and a lounge area.

One of the main attractions of LFCY is its location on the Atlantic coast, providing stunning views of the ocean and nearby beaches. The airport is also a convenient starting point for exploring the local area, including the popular tourist destinations of Royan and the nearby islands of the Charente-Maritime region.

In addition to leisure flights, LFCY also offers training courses for aspiring pilots. The airport is equipped with modern training equipment and simulators, providing students with a realistic and immersive training experience. Experienced instructors at the airport are focused on helping students achieve their goals, whether it's obtaining a private pilot's license or pursuing a career in aviation.

LFCY is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security and ensures that all operations are conducted in accordance with international regulations. The airport has established safety management systems and regular safety audits are conducted to ensure that all facilities and procedures are up-to-date.

In conclusion, Royan-Médis Airport (LFCY) is a modern and well-equipped airport offering a range of services for general aviation and leisure flights. Its location on the Atlantic coast, combined with its focus on safety and security, make it a popular choice for air travelers.