Aeroprakt A-32L

90 999


For sale: High-quality aircraft with impressive features and specifications. This meticulously maintained airplane boasts a powerful Rotax 912 engine, ensuring reliable and efficient performance during every flight. Equipped with a state-of-the-art MGL EMS2 system, pilots can confidently monitor and manage all essential flight information. The inclusion of a GARMIN G5 and Garmin navigation/ GPS system provides unparalleled navigation capabilities, making every flight a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Communication is effortless with the TQ KRT2 Radio, allowing pilots to stay connected while in the air. The Triq TT21 Mode S Transponder ensures compliance with aviation regulations and enhances visibility to other aircraft. Night flying is made safe and convenient with the plane's night flight certification, ensuring optimal visibility during low-light conditions.

This aircraft comes equipped with an e-Prop Propeller, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. LED Strobe/Nav Lights and LED Landing Lights further enhance visibility, promoting safety during all stages of flight. Additionally, the plane features a smoke system, adding a touch of excitement to aerobatic maneuvers or air shows.

Safety is a top priority, which is why this aircraft is equipped with a GRS system, offering an added layer of security in emergency situations. Rest assured, this aircraft has been consistently maintained to the highest standards and is always in flying condition.

This aircraft was manufactured in 2020 and has accumulated a mere 974 flight hours. Priced competitively, this aircraft is an excellent investment at 91,000 euros, considering its exceptional performance, reliable systems, and modern features. Don't miss the opportunity to own this remarkable aircraft. Contact us today to schedule a viewing or to request further information.


Rotax 912 ULS, 974h


Used, built in 2020, 974h TT


variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio, rescue system

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