Aerospool Dynamic WT9

129 999


Due to "Lost Medical," I have decided to part ways with my Aerospool Dynamic WT-9. I purchased it as a kit directly from the manufacturer Aerospool at the end of 2017, and in 2018, I took on the responsibility of assembling the mechanics, engine, avionics, electrical system, and finishing touches. In May 2019, I received the certificate of airworthiness, so the total flight time recorded in the logbook is only approximately 130 hours.

This aircraft has already been equipped with the 600kg rescue system, LSA landing gear, and stall strips, enabling an easy upgrade according to the type certificate holder. It comes equipped with Dynon D100, Dynon D120, Flymap L, Dittel KRT radio, Dittel KTR transponder, as well as analog instruments such as an airspeed indicator, altimeter, fuel pressure gauge, compass, and two tank indicators for the wing tanks. The aircraft also features a brand new Rotax 912 ULS engine (with only 130 hours), a Woodcomp three-blade propeller, and a constant speed controller. The cruising speed ranges between 220-230km/h, providing a smooth and stable flight experience.

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(Note: "Lost Medical" refers to a situation where the seller is no longer medically certified to operate the aircraft.)


Rotax 912 ULS, 130h


Used, built in 2017, 130h TT




GPS or other navigation, transponder, stall warning, radio, rescue system

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