Aerospool Dynamic WT9

108 999


Registration OK-JUU43
Production number DV062/2004
Registration under LAA  CR on 22.9.2004
ARC valid till  28.08.2024
MTOW 472.5 kg
No crash history or damage history
Always hangared - Towbar
Maintenance performed at OK Aviation/Aerospool
During the years 2020-2021 a complete refurbishment of the aircraft was carried out / new paint, interior, airframe, wings , controls etc./ The modification to the TOW version was carried out by the manufacturer Aerospool, s.r.o., Prievidza, SK in January 2021.
This modification is written in to the technical certificate of this plane.
Our aircraft service companies have performed a complete dismantling and setup of the Rotax 912 ULS engine with slipping clutch, including an increase of its performance. We installed Edge Performance 1621cc Big Bore Kit (10.5:1) - EP916. / 120-130HP which allows the use of 95-OCT fuel/  High lift, high power performance camshaft for 912 big bore engines is installed as well.
The correct combustion is monitored by Lambda Oxygen probe with monitoring the values on the gauge situated on the front instruments panel.
To the current date, the engine has 165,2 hours of flight time.
The airframe flight time is approximately 332 hours.
We have modified the water and oil cooling of the aircraft for the enhanced performance for TOW version.
The water cooling system contains 100% more cooling area compared to the standard tows with the Rotax 912 ULS engine / 2 large radiators/.
A water pressure gauge was installed to measure the water pressure in the water cooling system and Rotax FRANZ water temperature thermostat.
The engine includes a certified DETECO Oil chip detector, which detects metal particles in the engine’s oil and is indicated by a warning light.
The area of the oil radiator has also been increased with another serial oil radiator including a Rotax FRANZ oil thermostat. Oil temperature can be also controlled by manual air inlet flap installed at the inlet of the oil radiator. Oil ctch tank is installed as well.
The oil system also includes a capacitive low oil level detection in the external oil tank from the Czech company DINEL, indicated by a warning light.
The engine is Rotax ULS2 category and is ready for the eventual installation of governor for hydraulically adjustable propeller.
Due to the long experience with Dynamic WT9 aircrafts, the front landing gear leg has been reinforced.
The fuel system is modified for towing mode with a second fuel line joined directly to the engine.
The aircraft is equipped with , among other analogue instruments ,  MGL EMS-2 engine instrument with LOG-1 logging device where measured engine data are stored on SD card and a Kanardia Horis 80mm flight instrument.
We installed a Red Box FT-60 flow meter with fuel computer capability in installed MGL
FF-5 Fuel computer Stratomaster Vega 57mm fuel gauge.
Other equipments in the aircraft are - Icom IC-210E - 8.33 kHz radio with intercom - Flight COM 403mc, Xponder Garmin mode C - GTX 320  and GPS Garmin Aera 795.
On the aircraft was installed / production 24/08/2021/ new Electrically adjustable pitch prop 3 Blade Constant Speed Woodcomp SR3000/3BNM 1700 mm - new TOW design - tested directly during several  glider competitions at LKMB on this aircraft. New 3 blades exchanged at Woodcomp , Ltd.on 24.9.2022
The leading edges, including elevator and rudder, are coated with 3M's protective transparent polyurethane heavy duty film including 3 landing gear leg covers.
The aircraft and wing paintwork was finished using GTECHNIQ's nano-ceramic treatment and polishing method.
The aircraft is equipped  Ballistic Recovery System with USH - 52S parachute system with due date 08/2026.
Brakes are realized by brake lever located on PIC control stick made by Behringer.
We give a warranty of 50 engine hours - Hobbs / According installed engine hour  running meter. / or 1 year time warranty on engine and airframe, warranty on new propeller according to propeller manufacturer Woodcomp Ltd.
We offer technical support for both engine and airframe at our technical centre at LKMB. We offer 50% discount on hourly rate for our clients.
During the glider races held in August 2021 and 2022 the following performances were measured on this TOW during the weekly races.
Duo Discus XL glider tow with TOW 700 kg at 25°C outside temperature climbing 2m/s at 120km/h
MDM-1 Fox - TOW 455 kg to 5000 ft in 10 min including landing /block- block /
Swift S-1 - TOW 390 kg to 5000 ft in 9 min including landing / block- block /
Measured tow thrust on the ground with scales at  30 ºC ,QNH 1017 / 780 ft at LKMB  /density altitude 2700ft/
234 kg on 5700 rpm/  260kg on density altitude/  on 22.7.2022 at LKMB.
We recommend :
1. Oil change Elf Moto 4 Race 10W60 PAO Syntetic - 25 hours in 100% TOW mode + oil quality analysis in TOTAL - ANAC laboratory in Belgium - results within 1 week by email in Czech/English
2. For mixed flying - 50 hours
3. Airframe check - 50 hours
4. Regular engine check according to the Rotax Maintenance Manual
We offer 200 hours engine inspection /decarbonization and defectoscopy on parts of reductor and piston group/ .
We also offer 100 hours maintenance inspection according to the manufacturer maintenance manual Aerospool, s.r.o., Prievidza, SK.
Periodic technical inspections / 2 year period/  we will arrange at the Czech Amateur Aircraft Association /LAA CR/


Rotax 912 ULS


Used, built in 2004




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio, rescue system

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