Aerospool Dynamic WT9

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For sale is an Aerospool Dynamic-WT9 RG airplane that was first delivered in November 2011 with only 530h total flying time and a brand new 200-hour inspection. The airplane is in impeccable condition, meticulously maintained in a hangar at location EDNJ, and has never been involved in an accident. It was owned and flown by a single pilot, which makes it an ideal airplane for someone who appreciates the care and attention to detail a single owner can provide.

The airplane is fitted with a Rotax 912 ULS (100 PS) engine and has a 3-blade propeller SR 2000 Woodcomp SR 2000 D, which is electrically adjustable to a constant speed. The airplane has a special paintjob and has been designed for easy towing. The aircraft falls under the MTOW of 472.5 kg and features a carbon fiber fuselage, carbon fiber flaps, and lightweight rudder materials.

Additionally, the airplane features winglets, under-cowling LED landing lights, a blue-tinted cabin canopy, and sliding windows on the right-hand side of the canopy. The luggage compartment has windows on both sides, and the cockpit has gas levers that are situated on the center console. The tires are BERINGER, and the wheels are chrome-plated.

The airplane also boasts an impressive avionic, including a GARRECHT VT 2000 transponder with antenna, KL 1, ADS-B, TRX 2000 ADS-B traffic monitor, including Flarm that can provide vital information to the pilot when flying. The airframe also features a Vario EBV, FMS 421 (0-300 km/h), HM 4 FGH 40 (0-1000-20000 ft), the Airpath compass, and an ELT. Additionally, the aircraft has four David Clark headsets with built-in headset jacks. The Flymap-L6.4, which includes an AP, synth vision, sensors, and TCAS, is also part of the avionic suite.

The airplane's interior features are luxurious with an electronically adjustable landing flap and a heating system for the cockpit. The front windshield and nozzles are made of aluminum and are adjustable. There is a ventilation system under the instrument panel, and the airplane is equipped with adjustable pedal controls for rudder input. Two luggage compartments, footrests, and seat cushions provide maximum space for up to three passengers. The airplane also includes three jack stands with thread spindles for easy maintenance.

This stunning airplane is VAT refundable, with all legal requirements met. If you are looking for an airplane that is in pristine condition, extremely well-maintained, and has a top-notch avionic suite, this is the ultimate choice for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have any questions.


100 PS, 530h


Used, built in 2011, 530h TT




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, FLARM, TCAS, ELT, stall warning, radio, electric trim, electric flaps, rescue system

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