Apollo Fox

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For Sale: Halley Apollo Fox

Year of Construction: 2004

Operating Hours: 656

I am selling my Halley Apollo Fox aircraft, and I assure you that this is a serious transaction. The plane is equipped with a range of instruments and features that make it a reliable and efficient aircraft.

The instrumentation on board includes a flight radio, compass, speed and altitude indicators, knife, vario, dragonfly, ammeter, tachometer, hour meter, gasoline and oil pressure gauges, and an electric heating system. The aircraft is also equipped with strobe lights and landing lights for enhanced visibility.

One of the notable features of this aircraft is its simple folding wing system, which allows for easy storage and transportation. Additionally, it comes with a 4-blade propeller, providing superior performance.

The aircraft is equipped with a GRs Softpack rescue system and a fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment, ensuring the safety of both the pilot and the aircraft. The battery and tires are brand new, assuring reliability and efficiency.

This Halley Apollo Fox has always been hangared, guaranteeing its pristine condition. It has a power of 100 HP and a maximum takeoff weight of 472 kg. With an empty weight of 306 kg, it can accommodate a payload of up to 166 kg.

The technical specifications provided by the manufacturer are as follows:

Wingspan: 9.15m
Wing area: 11.4m²
Length: 5.80m
Length with folded wings: 6.47m
Total width with folded wings: 2.39m
Height: 1.7m
Fuel Capacity: 55l
Fuel Consumption at cruising speed: 12-15l/h
Stall speed: 64km/h
Maximum speed: 190km/h
Cruise speed: 130-160km/h
Takeoff length: 200m
Landing length: 250m
Range: 500 km
Max cabin width: 1.1m
TBO: 1000 hours

Please note that this is a private sale without any warranty. I exclude any liability for material defects. However, the price of the aircraft is negotiable.

If you are in the market for a reliable and exceptional aircraft, look no further. This Halley Apollo Fox is a well-maintained and high-performing aircraft that guarantees a pleasurable flying experience. Get in touch with me to discuss the price and secure this incredible aircraft for yourself.


Rotax 912 ULS, 656h


Used, built in 2004, 656h TT


variometer, stall warning, radio, heating, rescue system

Contact seller

Thomas Groß: +4915118848666