Apollo Fox

29 995


For sale is an aircraft in exceptional condition, ready to take you anywhere you desire. The craft has been meticulously maintained and is free from any major defects. It has flown only 250 hours and is always stored in a dry hangar when not in use. 

The airplane is a beautiful sight to behold with it's sleek and polished exterior. The colors on the aircraft are vibrant and promote its distinct personality. 

The cockpit is outfitted with modern avionics, designed to give the pilot full control and security while flying. The radio and other communication equipment helps to ensure that communication with other pilots and air traffic control is effortless. 

The airplane model is well-known for its comfort - be it the roomy seats, quietness, or the impressive climate control system. The engine is in excellent condition, fully serviced and running as smoothly as it was made to be. 

This airplane has been a dependable and satisfying companion, and is perfect for both first-time airplane owners and experienced pilots. All necessary paperwork and documents are updated and ready to go. 

Come and take a closer look at this airplane today! With an affordable selling price, you will be enjoying the skies without compromising on quality.


Subaru EA71, 250h


Used, 250h TT




variometer, turn indicator, radio

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Adrian Butuc: +40752981031

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Alba, Romania