Asso X-ray Vidor

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For sale is a Trio Aviation X-Ray I-8830, located at Busano “Pegasus 2000” airfield near Turin, parked since December 2008. This single-engined ultralight aircraft is a stunning sight against the backdrop of the snowy Graie Alps, featuring a tapered low-wing design and conventional cruciform tail unit. The retractable tricycle landing gear and side-by-side two-seat cabin provide comfort and practicality for your flying adventures.

Built on a mainly wooden structure covered by fabric, the X-Ray boasts composite engine cowl, wing tips, and rear fuselage tip for durability and performance. Powering this beauty is a robust 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS four-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine, paired with a two-blade variable pitch Avtek propeller for efficient and reliable flight.

Key dimensions of the X-Ray include a wing span of 8.10 m (26.57 ft), overall length of 7 m (23 ft), height of 2.15 m (7.15 ft), and a wing area of 10.80 sq m (116.25 sq ft). Weighing in at 282 kg (621.7 lbs) empty, this aircraft is a perfect blend of performance and precision for any aviation enthusiast.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of flying elegance. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and take the next step towards piloting your dreams with the Trio Aviation X-Ray I-8830.


Rotax 912 ULS


Used, built in 2008

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Sergio Ussi: +393468058862

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