Aviatika MAI 890

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Looking for an ultralight aerobatic one-seat airplane that can handle various tasks and perform at its best? Look no further than the Aviatika MAI 89. This aircraft boasts an Engine Rotax 582 that packs 64HP and a MTOW of 450kg, making it perfect for various tasks.

It comes with a three-blade DUC propeller, an ICOM ICA24, and a GARMIN GPS 496. The Aviatika MAI 89 has an airspeed between 60 km/h to 158 km/h and a cruising speed of 100 km/h. It takes off in just 50m, and landing run is an impressive 85m. The maximum weight of fuel it can hold is 40 kg.

When it comes to aerobatics, the Aviatika MAI 89 can handle a maximum G-load factor of +5 -2.5, making it ideal for a wide range of maneuvers. The aircraft's engine has 150 total hours and the frame hours is at 150. It is also equipped with a Warp Drive Adjustable pitch 3 blades DUC propeller.

This excellent aircraft also has an enclosed cabin, headset, strobe lights, and an extra fuel tank. It has a pristine condition of 9/10 and has never been damaged; it has always been parked in a hangar. The Aviatika MAI 89 is versatile, efficient, and highly capable.

If you're in the market for a type of ultralight aerobatic aircraft that ticks all the boxes, the Aviatika MAI 89 should be at the top of your list. Stored always in Hangar at REQUENA (LERE) VALENCIA SPAIN, this aircraft comes with a transponder MicroAir T2000SFL, airspeed indicator, vertical speed, altimeter, EGT, CHT, G-Load Factor, Turn Coordinator, RPM and is available in white, red, yellow, and orange. The Aviatika MAI 89 is in continuous operation, and in excellent condition. There's no problem with language as we can speak Spanish, French, or English. Check out the pictures and see it for yourself.


Rotax 582


Used, built in 2005




variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio

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