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For sale: Exquisite Homemade Wood Airplane 
Check out this beautifully crafted homemade airplane made entirely of wood. Craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every aspect of this unique aircraft. Its dynamic design is sure to turn heads wherever you fly.

Equipped with a powerful VW-1835-Greatplanes engine, this airplane promises exceptional performance. With a cruising speed of 190 Kmts, you'll have the ability to travel swiftly and efficiently to your desired destinations. The engine provides a seamless and effortless flight experience, making each journey an absolute pleasure.

Weighing in at an empty weight of just 206 Kg, this lightweight aircraft boasts remarkable agility in the air. The lighter weight allows for increased maneuverability, precision control, and unparalleled responsiveness. You'll effortlessly glide through the skies, feeling like a true aviator.

Featuring a tank capacity of 38 litres, this airplane ensures long-range flying capabilities. With ample fuel storage, you'll have the freedom to explore vast distances without worrying about frequent refueling. Adventure awaits, and this aircraft is ready to take you there.

Attention pilots! This stunning aircraft has specific requirements for those who will take the helm. The cockpit is designed for individuals with a height ranging from 165-177 cm, ensuring maximum comfort during your flights. Additionally, previous experience with taildragger flight tours is preferred, equipping you with the necessary skills to handle this unique aircraft.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind wood airplane. Its exceptional craftsmanship, powerful engine, and impressive specifications make it the perfect choice for aviation enthusiasts, collectors, or those seeking an extraordinary flying experience. Serious inquiries only. Contact us today to arrange a viewing and make this remarkable aircraft yours.


VW 1835






variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, radio

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