Dallach Fascination D4

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For Sale: Pristine Condition Airplane with Low Usage

This aircraft is in perfect condition with very minimal usage. Equipped with a retractable train and powered by an engine Rotax 100hp, this plane is ideal for cruising at speeds of 250 km/h with a consumption rate of only 17 liters/h of 95 octane gasoline. Since its construction in 2015, the plane has only been used for a total of 100 hours.

The engine is backed by 200 hours of flight time and has the potential of running up to over 1800 hours before needing an overhaul of 2000 hours. It is exceptionally roomy and designed for spaciousness, making it comfortable even on longer flights.

The instruments on this aircraft include an EFIS STRATOMASTER, an automatic pilot with two axes, a variable propeller pitch ROSPELLER, electric flaps, and depth adjustable pedals for optimal occupant ergonomics. Stall speed is a mere 50mph IAS with the flaps up and only 45 mph with them at 15 degrees or 40mph at 30 degrees. The plane has a g-rating of +6g-6g and a Vne of 285 km/h.

If you're in the market for an aircraft, this one is not only perfect but a great deal too. Contact us for a private viewing.


Rotax 912 ULS, 200h


Used, built in 2015, 200h TT




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, heading indicator, stall warning, electric flaps

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Jean Joseph: +34616211818

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