Dallach Sunrise

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Sunrise II with Trailer
For sale is my Sunrise II aircraft built by Wolfgang Dallach in 1988 with serial number 009. It is powered by a Citroën VISA engine with a 40-PS two-cylinder that burns approximately 6 liters/hour. The aircraft has logged 629 operating hours and comes equipped with a BRS 6 1050 Can rescue system with a brand new parachute and a Born-Propeller, along with a spare. The maximum takeoff weight is 400 kg, and the JNP is valid until 08/23.

This aircraft is being sold with a custom trailer from Daltec (1,500 kg) and a self-assembly aid that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. With the remote-controlled assembly aid, the aircraft can be set up or taken down within 30 minutes, making it a perfect solution for quick transport.

The aircraft was overhauled in 2007 by Korella and comes with various spare parts such as tires, belts, and even a spare Citroën engine with an extra propeller. The aircraft can be viewed upon request for those who are interested in the unique Klemm L25 design and enjoy flying up in the open skies. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a well-maintained aircraft that's ready to take you on your next adventure!


Citroen VISA, 629h


Used, built in 1988, 629h TT




variometer, turn indicator, radio, rescue system

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Thorsten Mikschaitis: +4917641677265, academiks@gmx.de

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