Dallach Sunrise

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For Sale: Dallach Sunrise II

Looking for a reliable, well-maintained aircraft that's perfect for flying enthusiasts? Look no further than the Dallach Sunrise II! This 1989 model boasts a W-Nr. 24 and has 991 hours of flying time, with 1312 successful starts.

The plane comes with a brand new JNP and a Citroen Visa engine with only 402 hours of use. It's equipped with a Born-Propeller, with details available on request. You'll find this airplane in its original, registered condition, and it has been lovingly maintained throughout its life.

This Dallach Sunrise II also comes with an aluminum main tank, holding up to 25 liters, and a 20-liter removable aluminum reserve tank. And with full L-recordings and logbooks, there is no maintenance backlog for the new owner.

The plane has a total weight of 259kg, including wheel pants and a complete set of accessories. And with a BRS BRS-5 UL3 SP rescue system, you can trust in its safety features. The rocket is good until 05/30, and the cap is up to date with 03/25. Installation of this system has been carried out according to BRS guidelines, with three cables, and it's a newer model installed in 04/2020.

For your convenience, this airplane also comes equipped with a KRT2 dual-band radio, altimeter, variometer, dual control sticks, and an optional Transponder Trig 21, Flarm, TRX 1090, and XCVario. Enjoy flying in style and safety in this Dallach Sunrise II and experience the freedom of open-air flying.

Wolfgang Dallach once said, "The Sunrise is like a woman. If you want her, don't look at the cost. If you look at the cost, she's not for you," and we couldn't agree more. To purchase this stunning aircraft and start your aviation journey, call Andreas Titze at +49 152 5343 8848.


Citroen Visa, 991h


Used, built in 1989


variometer, transponder, FLARM, radio, rescue system

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