Dova aircraft Skylark DV-1

87 999


Looking for a reliable and efficient touring aircraft? Look no further than this 2017 Dova Skylark DV-1, available for sale from the second owner. This aircraft has been well-maintained, always kept in a hangar, and is completely corrosion-free. 

With a true 210 knots of IAS and top speeds of 240km/h Va and 280km/h Vne, this Skylark DV-1 is a fast, reliable aircraft with excellent in-flight characteristics. It’s equipped with Rotax 912 100HP, water/oil thermostat, and Aux fuel pump, along with the Kaspar 3 blade in-flight adjustable pitch propeller with constant speed. 

Pilot safety is top of mind with the inclusion of the BRS parachute, S Mode Trig Transponder, and KRT2 8.33 COM. Other extras include AVMAP GPS, Kanardia Combo/Airspeed Indicator, Kanardia EMSIS, Analogic Instruments, CabinHeat, Strobo/Landing Light/Pos Lights, Photo Window, Dual-Side Brakes, and Wheel Pants.

This 260TT Skylark DV-1 is easily maneuverable at slower speeds, thanks to its good design and practical winglets. It’s in excellent condition, with a 9/10 rating across the board, and the hour meter is subject to change, given that this aircraft sees regular use in the skies above. 

So if you’re in the market for a well-maintained and reliable aircraft, this 2017 Dova Skylark DV-1 is the perfect pick for pilots looking for speed, efficiency, and safety in their tour flights.


Rotax 912 ULS, 260h


Used, built in 2017, 260h TT




variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, stall warning, radio, electric flaps, rescue system

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