EEL Ulf-2

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Ulf-2 For Sale

This Ulf-2 aircraft is being sold due to the dissolution of the ownership group. It was registered by the builder in 2013 and currently has 156 hours on the airframe and engine. 

Key features of the Ulf-2 are:
- Citroen Visa engine with 34 horsepower
- Empty weight of 232.4 kg (weighed in 09/2022)
- Payload of 90.1 kg
- Cruise speed of 100-110 km/h 
- Fuel consumption of approximately 7 litres/hour 
- Next JNP inspection due in 10/2023 
- Open and closed canopies 
- Various spare parts 
- Becker radio 
- Flarm 
- Becker Mode S transponder 
- BRS5-UL3 parachute has expired and cannot be repacked 
- A used Junkers Magnum 300, which is approved for the Ulf-2, is available and must be installed by the buyer. The parachute in the Junkers Magnum 300 must be repacked by the buyer and its cap replaced in 2027 
- A custom closed trailer for transporting the Ulf-2 is also available and can be purchased separately 

The price for the Ulf-2 is negotiable, starting at €18,000. The trailer is available for purchase separately at a firm price of €3,000. The aircraft is currently located at EDHY (Hoya), 30 km south of Bremen. 

Initial inquiries can be made via email. Pricing can be further discussed in person. 

A. Kayser


Citroen Visa, 156h


Used, built in 2013, 156h TT




variometer, transponder, FLARM, radio, rescue system

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