Eigenbau Turbulent NX

9 999


For sale is a professionally built home-built aircraft, constructed with wood and meticulously maintained throughout its history. The aircraft is fully equipped and ready for ground and flight testing. It comes with complete instrumentation, communication radio, emergency rescue equipment, and a fully functional engine. All necessary documentation is available and up-to-date, easing the process for the new owner.

This aircraft is ideal for those with a serious interest in aviation and is well-suited for a variety of uses, whether it be recreational flying or more specialized endeavors. For genuine inquiries or for additional details, please feel free to reach out for a personal consultation. Don't miss this opportunity to own a well-maintained, fully-equipped aircraft ready to take flight.


Mosler CB-40


Brand new


variometer, GPS or other navigation, radio, rescue system

Contact seller

Stephan Fahrenkamp: stephan.fahrenkamp@freenet.de

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