Flitzer Biplane, new built

19 999


The aircraft is built from original Flitzer 21 Z plans.
The entire lining of the aircraft and the wings are covered with poplar plywood 2mm. Ailerons are balanced at 100% and elevators at 90%. The entire geometry of the aeroplane, its dimensions and its shape correspond to 99% of the original.
Note: We get a common question about the rigid lining. 
Q: How much weight does it add compared to the fabric?
A: The 2 mm plywood lining adds about 18-20% more weight to the empty weight of the aircraft. This is compensated by the more powerful engine (84hp) compared to the engines used on a plane with fabric lining (65hp). Additionally, this solution removes the need for the inside wing tensions needed otherwise (not sure how are they called). It also makes maintenance easier. This makes the aircraft unique.
Take-off weight is about 350 kg.
The controls of the ailerons and the elevator are rigid through duralumin tubes. They are also easily disassembled and assembled.
The landing gear is divided into two parts - each working for itself equipped with hydraulic brakes. The wheels are reinforced and are stronger than what usually is required. The tail skid is replaced with a wheel for better manoeuvrability and control on the ground.
The Verner engine has 84 horsepower. The engine is lightweight, with gearboxes, and carburettors and is air-oil cooled. It has 29 hours and is equipped with an electric starter.
Price: 20000 Euro
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