G1 aviation G1 spyl

47 999


For Sale: A Pleasant and Safe Airplane

If you are in the market for an excellent plane, then you're in luck! Here's your chance to get your hands on a very comfortable and ultra-safe one that is truly an enjoyable ride. This airplane is perfect for those who are looking for a practical ride with a spacious cabin and foldable handles. 

During cruising, the airplane's fuel consumption is low, only taking 12.5 liters per hour at 130/140 km/h at 4200/4300 rpm. The built-in mudguards are lightweight, extremely effective, and removable, making cleaning up after landing on damp grassy fields a breeze. 

This plane's take-off and landing performance are well known, and it has seen excellent results, particularly on the 300-meter grassy field. The transponder TRT 800, Radio Funke ATR 8.33 -2 OLED (07/2021), and ULTRA EFIS AvMapG1 SPYL are all in excellent condition and operate as expected. 

Lastly, this airplane has been regularly serviced and flown privately. This purchase is ideal for pilots of all experience levels who want an easy and enjoyable flight.




variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio

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Vauclaix, Nièvre France