ICP Vimana

58 999


On behalf of a friend who is a builder, please contact him for more information instead of me.
This airplane was built from a kit in a professional manner by an experienced individual (additional information available at ICP). It features a 4-seat fuselage and wings, with a total of 4 fuel tanks of 35 liters each, and a 18-liter auxiliary tank. The trim and flaps are electrically operated. The aircraft has been painted and the wings (and optionally the tailplanes) can be disassembled for transportation. The engine and propeller are not included, but the instruments shown in the photos are. The ICP electrical system is ready for installation, with cable conduits already installed where necessary. If desired, an engine can be installed upon request. The aircraft is currently located in the Modena area. 

The asking price for this aircraft is €59,000. For further details, please contact Mr. Ferretti Eros at 3479056488.




variometer, turn indicator, electric trim, electric flaps

Contact seller

Eros Ferretti: +393479056488