Impulse D100

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Introducing the MPULSE 100, a high-performance carbon fiber ultralight aircraft. With its initial registration in March 2024 under Deutsche Zulassung, this aircraft has only flown 20 hours. Powered by a Rotax 912 ULS/S 100PS engine and equipped with an Idrovario hydraulic variable pitch propeller, it boasts a maximum approved speed of 300km/h (VNE limited to 290km/h with a USH 52S rescue device). 

This sleek aircraft has a minimum speed of 63km/h and a maneuvering speed of 220km/h. The fuel tank capacity is 2 x 50 liters, and it is equipped with a Junkers High Speed Softpack USH52S rescue parachute. Enjoy a range of 220km/h and a climbing performance of 1600ft/minute.

Included accessories are a TRT800H-LCD transponder, F.u.n.k.e ATR833-LCD, traffic sensor ADS-B TRX-1500, and Air Avionics AIR Connect. Developed by Philip Steinbach following the EXTRA 300, the MPULSE 100 is a rare find with few comparable aircraft on the market. Don't miss this opportunity to own a top-tier ultralight airplane.


100 PS, 20h


Brand new, 20h TT


variometer, turn indicator, clock, GPS or other navigation, IFR, transponder, FLARM, rescue system

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