Jabiru UL-430

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FOR SALE: Exceptional Ultralight Aircraft in Impeccable Condition

If you're in the market for an ultralight airplane that combines optimal performance with outstanding reliability, look no further. Presenting a fantastic opportunity to own a meticulously maintained aircraft that has undergone comprehensive updates and enhancements across all systems.

Featuring a powerful and reliable Jabiru 2200A engine with a total running time of 720 hours, you can trust that this aircraft is built for optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, the propeller has been recently overhauled by the renowned experts at Woodcomp in December 2022, ensuring smooth and efficient operation with approximately 50 hours of usage since its overhaul.

Equipped with all the essentials for a safe and convenient flight experience, this aircraft comes standard with a Basic VFR system, allowing you to confidently navigate your way through the skies. Furthermore, the Transponder S Garmin and Radio Dittel KRT-2S 8.33 kHz add an extra layer of reliability and communication capabilities, making it a breeze to stay in touch with air traffic authorities.

With a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) capacity of 430 kg, this ultralight aircraft offers superior flexibility and accommodating cargo capabilities. Whether you're planning a solo adventure or a leisurely flight with a loved one, rest assured that this aircraft can effortlessly handle your needs.

Seat availability guaranteed until August 2024, thanks to the valid permit to fly that accompanies this remarkable aircraft. This documentation ensures compliance with the highest safety standards and provides the purchaser with peace of mind regarding the airworthiness requirements.

This sensational ultralight aircraft has exclusively been used for private purposes, underlining its exceptional condition and careful ownership. Now it's your chance to own a thrilling piece of aviation history that has been cherished and meticulously cared for by its current owner.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to acquire a top-of-the-line ultralight aircraft that has been rigorously maintained and upgraded to the highest standards. Act now and contact us to schedule a personal viewing of this remarkable aircraft. Prepare to embark on breathtaking aerial adventures with utmost confidence in your new aviation partner.


Jabiru 2200, 720h


Used, 720h TT




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