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For Sale: JMB Aviation VL3 with Upgraded Features

I am offering for sale a well-maintained and high-performance JMB Aviation VL3 aircraft. This impressive aircraft is equipped with a powerful and efficient 912 ULS2 engine, delivering a solid 100 horsepower. The wooden propeller is a Woodcomp SR3000/2W with an electrically controlled variable pitch, allowing for easy adjustments and ensuring a constant speed during flight.

Inside the cockpit, you will find the advanced Garmin G3X touch EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System). This state-of-the-art system provides comprehensive flight information, making navigation and situational awareness a breeze. The integrated Garmin autopilot further enhances the aircraft's capabilities, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience.

In terms of communication, the Trig TY91 8.33 radio is installed, ensuring reliable and clear communication during your flights. Additionally, the Trig TT21 transponder with mode S capability provides accurate and efficient air traffic control coordination.

Safety is of utmost importance, and this aircraft excels in that aspect. The LSA (Light-Sport Aircraft) certification has been renewed and remains valid until 12/02/2029, reflecting the aircraft's compliance with the highest safety standards. Furthermore, a 600 kg parachute was installed in October 2020, extending its validity until October 2026.

The aircraft's braking system and wheels have been upgraded to the durable and reliable Beringer brand, providing optimal control during landing and taxiing. The entire airframe and engine underwent a thorough inspection and maintenance at the factory in the Czech Republic, with all hoses replaced, ensuring the aircraft's top-notch condition.

Rest assured that this aircraft has been meticulously cared for. All maintenance, service bulletins, and service advisories are up to date, guaranteeing its continued reliability and performance. The aircraft has always been stored in a hangar, adding an extra layer of protection against the elements.

To sweeten the deal, I will include a sturdy Canopy cover, a propeller cover, and a pitot cover, ensuring your aircraft remains clean and well-protected when not in use.

This JMB Aviation VL3 is also equipped with a retractable landing gear, adding a touch of sophistication to its design while adhering to the aircraft's maximum allowable takeoff weight of 525kg.

If you are in the market for a top-quality aircraft that excels in performance, safety, and comfort, look no further. This JMB Aviation VL3 is ready to take you to new heights. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Contact me today to arrange a viewing or obtain further information.


Rotax 912 ULS


Used, built in 2016


variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, transponder, radio, autopilot, rescue system

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