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For sale: A fantastic airplane that boasts of exceptional performance, perfect for aviation enthusiasts who demand unparalleled aeronautical experiences. This aircraft is constructed with top-of-the-line features, making it the ideal airplane for those who value speed and reliability.

Some of the outstanding features that make it an attractive investment include the MTOW of 600Kg, Rotax 915iS 142hp engine with intercooler, injection, and turbocharged, DUC SWIRL BLACK-4 constant speed propeller, hydraulic governor, and Galaxy Speedy 600KG BRS. 

This aircraft has a TT of just 25 hours, ensuring it is virtually brand new. Additionally, the interior is designed with luxury in mind, as evidenced by the Allure JMB leather and certified safety belts. The Ultra-finishing is precise to detail, giving you the utmost comfort when travelling.

It is primed with an EFIS that has 2xGarmin G3X GDU 460 plus a backup battery, Garmin auto-pilot with 2xGSA 28 servo, Garmin G5 standby instrument, radio Trig TY91, 8.33 kHz, transponder Trig TT22 mode S, TCAS Garrecht AT-1, and Garmin GSB 15 (TwinUSB 3A). 

Furthermore, the plane comes with a cargo door, making loading and unloading luggage quick and easy, electric flaps with ground protection landing gear, Garmin AOA (angle of attack), Garmin heated pitot tube, camera landing gear, carbon instrument panel, Bose Lemo connection, Bose headsets, Aveo Air Ventilation, and Andair dual fuel selector.

The airplane is also equipped with aviation tires, strobe and landing lights, Hobbs, slip indicator, and 5V USB and 12V power sockets. It has a 140L fuel tank, ensuring you won't have to stop for refuelling mid-flight. The package comes with a canopy cover and tow bar.

This aircraft is company-owned and registered under general aviation. It is also possible to register it as an ultralight. The seller's reason for selling it is to upgrade to a four-seat turbo-prop plane that is also manufactured by JMB.

This aircraft won't be available for long, and it is an investment you don't want to miss. The seller can organize a ferry flight upon request, ensuring that it gets to you wherever you are located. Get in touch with us now and become the proud owner of this beauty.


Rotax 915 IS, 25h


Used, built in 2022, 25h TT




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, TCAS, radio, electric flaps, rescue system

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