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Looking for a top-of-the-line airplane that boasts of a powerful engine and first-rate technology? Look no further! We are offering a sleek and stylish airplane that delivers on both aesthetics and functionality. 

This aircraft's maximum takeoff weight of 600kg is matched with a robust Rotax 915iS 142hp engine with intercooling, injection, and turbocharging capabilities. The DUC SWIRL BLACK-4 constant speed propeller, with hydraulic governor, enables efficient control during takeoff and landing. The Galaxy Speedy 600KG BRS, certified safety belts, and ultra-finishing, all ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

Take a peek inside, and you'll be impressed by the Allure JMB leather, ultimate limited design, and the modernized Garmin G3X GDU 460 with back-up battery, G5 stand-by instrument, and Garmin auto-pilot 2xGSA 28 servo. The Trig TY91, 8.33 kHz radio, Trig TT22 mode S transponder, and Garrecht AT-1 TCAS provide an unparalleled level of control and safety.

The Aviation Tires, Strobe on Wings, Landing Light, Tail Light, Hobbs, Slip Indicator, 5V USB, 12V power socket, 140 L Fuel Tanks, Canopy Cover, Tow Bar, and Andair Dual Fuel Selector are just a few of the additional features you'll love. 

This aircraft is owned by a company and is registered under general aviation. It is also possible to register it as an ultralight. It also comes with the assurance that there have been no accidents. 

Upgrading to a four-seat turbo-prop plane? We've got you covered too! Our trusted and reputable JMB Aircraft Romania will get you sorted. 

Don’t let VAT hold you back! A company purchase within the EU means VAT is not added. Plus, we offer ferry flight services upon request. Come get it while it's hot!


Rotax 915 IS, 25h


Used, built in 2022, 25h TT




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, transponder, TCAS, radio, electric flaps, rescue system

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