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Looking for a new plane that offers stability, safety, and an unforgettable flying experience? Look no further. For sale is a brand new plane, never registered, with a Maximum Take-Off Weight of 600kg. This aircraft is equipped with an extraordinary Rotax 915iS 142hp engine, with intercooler, injection, and turbocharged functions that deliver exceptional performance.

The DUC SWIRL BLACK-4 constant speed propeller uses a hydraulic governor to help adjust for the perfect speed. The aircraft even has a BRS (Ballistic Recovery System) for added safety.

This is the Ultimate Limited Design special, with additional features such as XL Cockpit, perfect for tall or large individuals, and certified safety belts with Form1. The cockpit is fitted with 2xGarmin G3X GDU 460 + a backup battery, along with a Garmin Auto-Pilot 2xGSA 28 servo and Garmin G5 stand-by instrument. There are also winter IAS + ALT stand-by instruments and a Trig TY91 radio with 8.33 kHz technology.

The plane boasts Andair dual fuel selectors, aviation tires, electric flaps with ground protection landing gear, and a Garmin AOA (angle of attack) indicator. The interior is sleek, featuring Allure JMB leather, a carbon instrument panel, Bose Lemo connection, and Aveo Air Ventilation. There is even a Garmin GSB 15 (TwinUSB 3A), Garmin Heated pitot tube, and Strobe + nav LED lights.

This aircraft has a total fuel capacity of 140 litres, and a cargo door for easy access to the luggage compartment. A canopy cover is also included. The factory price for all these features was €286,920.00, but it is now available for €281,920.00.

Don't miss out on this remarkable plane. Watch the video of the aircraft here:


Rotax 915 IS


Used, built in 2022


variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio, electric trim, electric flaps, rescue system

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