Orličan M-8 Eagle

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For Sale: The Remarkable M-8 EAGLE Aircraft

Introducing the M-8 EAGLE, an extraordinary high-wing aircraft made with carbon fiber composite. With its impressive interior space, falling between the Cessna 152 and 172, this two-seat aircraft is designed to exceed your expectations. The M-8 EAGLE features tricycle fixed landing gear, including a steerable nose, ensuring easy maneuverability.

One of its key selling points is its unwavering commitment to safety. The M-8 EAGLE adheres to superb safety standards, allowing you to have peace of mind during your flights. Its remarkable flight characteristics, combined with a timeless design, will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

In terms of functionality, the M-8 EAGLE boasts a high payload capacity and a wide range for the center of gravity, providing you with flexibility and enhanced performance. The cockpit is equipped with basic analogue instruments, including IAS, ALT, VSI, slip indicator, and a compass. Furthermore, you can opt to upgrade to the Dynon HDX or Garmin G3X system, as well as additional accessories such as a radio and transponder according to your needs.

Customization options are available upon request, allowing you to tailor the M-8 EAGLE to your personal preferences. Whether you require specific modifications or unique features, our team is dedicated to accommodating your desires.

The M-8 EAGLE is a certified UL/LSA aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 600kg/1320lb. With a basic empty weight of 340kg/750lb, this aircraft offers outstanding efficiency without compromising on quality.

For more information on this remarkable aircraft and to explore its exceptional features in greater detail, please contact us. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to own the M-8 EAGLE - an aircraft that exemplifies safety, performance, and versatility.


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variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio, electric trim, electric flaps, rescue system

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