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Private sale, no VAT deductible - First registration in 2016 - Excellent condition, only flown by owner on asphalt runways - Professionally maintained and regularly inspected by German importer - Up-to-date maintenance and software (330 hours) - Includes various maintenance accessories - Next annual inspection due in April 2024 - Next parachute repack due in January 2028 - New cockpit windshield - New main landing gear (for 600kg maximum takeoff weight) - New landing gear fairings - New battery (EarthX 680C) - Dynon SkyView HDX 10 inch - Dynon SkyView Transponder - Dynon WAAS GPS - 472.5 kg maximum takeoff weight (uplift to 600 kg maximum takeoff weight possible, already discussed with Pipistrel for Aero 2023) - 328.5 kg empty weight - Total time airframe and engine: 330 hours - Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) - Wing mounted air brakes with step control - 2-Blade carbon fiber hydraulic constant speed propeller MTV-33 - Beringer high performance wheels and brakes (including parking brake) - Ballistic rescue system GRS 6/473 SD with container (valid until 2028) - Electric elevator trim system - Long range fuel tanks 2x50 liters - High speed laminar all wheel fairings - Air Speed Indicator 57mm, 0-350 km/h - Dynon SkyView HDX 10 inch - Dynon SkyView Mode-S Transponder SV-XPNDR-261 - Dynon WAAS GPS SV-GPS-2020 (certified ADS-B out, SIL=3) - Dynon AOA Pitot Probe (unheated) - Radio Filser ATR 833 OLED with outside Comant antenna - ELT Kannad 406 AF – Compact - permanently fitted to aircraft - Rigid, new shape leather seats and cockpit upholstery upgrade - Extra large instrument panel - Two separate 12V power sockets in glove compartments - Door lock system on both doors - Side door for outside baggage access - Fuselage cover in lightweight fabric.

For sale is a meticulously maintained airplane, which was first registered in 2016. It is in excellent condition and has only been flown by the owner on asphalt runways. The aircraft has been professionally serviced and regularly inspected by the German importer. The maintenance and software are up-to-date with a total time of 330 hours.

The airplane comes with various maintenance accessories and has a next annual inspection due in April 2024. Its parachute repack is scheduled for January 2028. It features several new components, such as a cockpit windshield, main landing gear (for 600kg MTOW), landing gear fairings, and a battery. 

Equipped with advanced avionics, the aircraft includes a Dynon SkyView HDX 10-inch display, Dynon SkyView Transponder, and Dynon WAAS GPS. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 472.5kg, which can be uplifted to 600kg MTOW (already discussed with Pipistrel for the Aero 2023). The engine is a Rotax 912 ULS with 100hp.

Other notable features of this airplane include wing mounted air brakes with step control, a 2-blade carbon fiber hydraulic constant speed propeller, Beringer high-performance wheels and brakes, and a ballistic rescue system. It also has an electric elevator trim system, long range fuel tanks, and high-speed laminar all wheel fairings.

The cockpit is well-equipped with instruments, including an airspeed indicator, Dynon SkyView HDX 10-inch display, and Dynon SkyView Mode-S Transponder. It also has a certified ADS-B out Dynon WAAS GPS and a Dynon AOA Pitot Probe. The communication system includes a Radio Filser ATR 833 OLED with an outside Comant antenna.

In terms of comfort, the airplane boasts rigid, new shape leather seats and cockpit upholstery upgrade. It has an extra large instrument panel and two separate 12V power sockets in glove compartments. The doors are equipped with a lock system, and there is a side door for outside baggage access. Additionally, the aircraft comes with a lightweight fabric fuselage cover.

Serious inquiries only, as this well-maintained airplane is ready for a new owner who appreciates quality and high-performance aircraft.


Rotax 912 ULS, 330h


Used, built in 2016, 330h TT




artificial horizon, GPS or other navigation, transponder, ELT, stall warning, radio, electric trim, rescue system

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