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For Sale: Freccia Ultralight Advanced Aircraft

Are you a passionate aviator seeking an advanced and reliable aircraft? Look no further, as we present the Freccia Ultralight Advanced Aircraft, manufactured by Promecc Aerospace srl. This top-of-the-line model is sure to elevate your flying experience to new heights.

The Freccia boasts numerous desirable features to ensure optimal performance. Equipped with a powerful Rotax 912 IS 100HP engine, this aircraft guarantees a smooth and efficient flight. With a construction year of 2022, this aircraft reflects the latest advancements in aviation technology. Its registration date of 07/03/2022 confirms its fresh and pristine condition.

The maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg allows for a generous payload, making the Freccia ideal for both personal and professional use. The aircraft showcases a glass cockpit Dynon Kit SkyView, complete with ADAHRS, GPS-250, and EMS-220. These cutting-edge instruments provide accurate and reliable avionic data, ensuring precise navigation and peace of mind during your flights.

Furthermore, the Freccia comes equipped with a high-quality VHF radio Funkwerk ATR 833, a Dynon SV-Intercom-2S for seamless communication, and a Funkwerk TRT800H-Oled mode A,C,S transponder for enhanced air traffic control capabilities. Safety and convenience are prioritized with the inclusion of a Dynon Auto Pilot SV42 featuring 2 servos, an SV-AP-Panel, and Trim control.

This exceptional aircraft is now available for sale to a discerning buyer who values the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and advanced technology. Don't miss the opportunity to own the Freccia Ultralight Advanced Aircraft. Contact us today to arrange a viewing and experience the wonders of flight like never before.


Rotax 912 IS, 80h


Used, built in 2022, 80h TT


variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, ELT, radio, electric trim

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