Quicksilver Sprint

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FOR SALE: Quicksilver Sprint - Impeccable Airplane with Low Flight Time

Introducing the Quicksilver Sprint, an exceptional aircraft assembled from a kit in 2021. With a mere 80.1 hours of flight time, this airplane is practically brand new and ready to take flight with its lucky new owner.

Equipped with an impressive Hirth F23 engine, boasting 50 horsepower and a dual CDI, this aircraft offers reliable and efficient performance. To further enhance convenience, the Quicksilver Sprint features an electric start system, complete with an EARTHX lifepo4 battery and dedicated regulator.

Safety is of utmost importance, which is why this aircraft is fitted with a BRS 600 ballistic parachute. Rest assured, the parachute's expiration date is December 2027, ensuring optimum safety for years to come. Additionally, the rocket expires in July 2033, providing peace of mind for any unexpected circumstances.

The Quicksilver Sprint is not only reliable but also equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation. The EIS Model3 Grand Rapids Technologies offers advanced monitoring and control, making your flying experience effortless and enjoyable.

To give you an idea of the investment made in this aircraft, the total costs amounted to €26,337. This includes the airframe, which cost €10,233.10, as well as €3,214.03 for customs and VAT. The engine alone accounted for €7,279.85, ensuring top-tier performance. The parachute cost €3,706.25, with an additional €879.18 for customs and VAT, while the rocket was priced at €1,035.30.

If you're seeking a high-performance aircraft that offers both safety and reliability, look no further than the Quicksilver Sprint. With its low flight hours, impeccable components, and attention to detail, this airplane guarantees an unrivaled flying experience. Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional aircraft. Contact us now to make it yours!


Hirth F23, 80h


Used, built in 2021, 80h TT


rescue system

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