Roko NG-6

144 999


600 Kilogram Ultralight Aircraft, former Echo class with German DULV certificate, likely unique in Germany.

This remarkable aircraft is a dream come true for any aviation enthusiast. Not only does it boast an impressive appearance, but it also offers a complete set of features that leave nothing to be desired. The aircraft is equipped with every imaginable amenity, from a state-of-the-art full glass cockpit with three displays to a constant-speed propeller and much more. I would be happy to provide a comprehensive list of the entire equipment upon request.

The aircraft is being sold to the highest bidder. I propose a price range between 135,000 and 155,000 Euros. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to own this exceptional aircraft. Place your bid now and secure the aircraft of your dreams.


Rotax 912 ULS, 600h


Used, built in 2012, 600h TT




variometer, artificial horizon, GPS or other navigation, transponder, FLARM, TCAS, ELT, electric flaps, rescue system

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Manfred Leiblein:

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