Tecnam P-92

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Looking for a top-of-the-line aircraft that can provide you with an unmatched flying experience? We're offering an outstanding P92 Echo Super 2009 that's sure to impress you with its incredible features and powerful performance. This is an excellent opportunity for pilots who are seeking an airplane that is both reliable and easy to handle.

The P92 Echo Super 2009 was designed with the aviation enthusiast in mind, and its engine is a Rotax 912 100 hp, with only 200 hours of operation. The airframe has been meticulously maintained with only 1900 hours of use. The aircraft is equipped with 2x Dynon D100 I D120, a Transponder mode s Garmin, a radio with 8.33 spacing, strobe lights, and a rescue system GRS.

The Dynon D100 and D120 digital instruments enable the aviator to track the aircraft's speed, altitude, and navigational systems. The Transponder mode S Garmin provides air traffic controllers with the necessary details about the plane's location for safer and more efficient communication. The rescue system GRS is a parachute designed for aircraft, which will help in case of emergencies.

Our P92 Echo Super is in great condition both cosmetically and mechanically. If you're looking for a reliable aircraft in perfect shape, this is the one for you. Whether you're a private pilot, a flight instructor, or just someone looking for an incredible flying experience, this P92 Echo Super is sure to impress.

Don't wait any longer, give us a call today, and get ready to start flying in style! Contact Sebastian at 0048 669 985 216 to schedule a visit and see the plane for yourself.


Rotax 912 ULS, 200h


Used, built in 2009, 1900h TT


variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, heading indicator, transponder, radio, rescue system

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