TL-Ultralight TL-2000 Sting

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For Sale: 2005 Aircraft with 870 Total Time

Up for sale is a meticulously maintained 2005 aircraft, with a total time of 870 hours. This aircraft has been fully revised in 2023, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this aircraft features an EFIS DYNON D10A and GIRO EDC-10A, providing advanced flight instrumentation. The GPS AVMAP EKP V, along with a rear camera, ensures accurate navigation and enhanced safety.

Additionally, this aircraft comes with a GT Propeller that is flight adjustable, complemented by a Gobernor, guaranteeing optimal performance during your flight. The Transponder COLLINS and Radio Icom A210 8,33 ensure efficient communication with air traffic control and other aircraft.

Inside the cabin, you will find an intercom system, allowing clear communication between the occupants. The aircraft is well-instrumented, providing both engine parameters and flight information.

Safety is a top priority, as evidenced by the inclusion of strobe lights, position lights, and landing lights. The aircraft also features differential brakes and adjustable distance, granting precise control during ground operations.

The retractable landing gear adds to the sleek design of the aircraft, while cabin heat ensures comfort during colder flights. The spacious bubble canopy provides excellent visibility, and coupled with the good rear view, enhances the overall flying experience.

With a cruising speed of up to 250 km/h and a VNE of 310 km/h, this aircraft is perfectly suited for long trips, allowing you to reach your destination efficiently and comfortably.

Detailed maintenance was performed in 2023, encompassing various components of the aircraft. This includes new radiators, a new auxiliary fuel pump, a new mechanical pump, overhauled carburetors, a new oil sender, and updates to both the radio and GPS system.

Furthermore, the landing gear servo has been replaced, and the aircraft now sports new tires and brakes. Fuel and oil lines have been replaced as well, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.

Please note that I am selling this aircraft as I currently own another plane. If you are in the market for a reliable and well-maintained aircraft, this is an excellent opportunity. Don't hesitate to reach out for further details or to schedule a viewing.




Used, built in 2005, 870h TT


variometer, turn indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, radio

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Mvs Varela Sartal: +34627400519

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