Zenair CH601

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For sale: Zenair CH601XL aircraft.

This meticulously crafted and well-maintained aircraft is equipped with a reliable Rotax 912UL engine, ensuring smooth and efficient flights. It features a state-of-the-art three-blade E-Props propeller that enhances performance and reduces noise.

The aircraft comes with two 45-litre fuel tanks, providing an ample range for your travel needs. You will also have peace of mind with the installed ICOM ICA6FRII radio, allowing seamless communication during your flights. In addition, the transponder mode S TRIG adds an extra layer of safety and compliance to your aviation experience.

Located at LFQO, this aircraft is available for viewing, allowing you to inspect its impeccable condition and superior craftsmanship. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this aircraft comes equipped with a parachute for added safety, ensuring a peace of mind during your aerial adventures.

With attention to detail and performance at its core, this Zenair CH601XL aircraft offers a truly exceptional flying experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality aircraft that guarantees both reliability and enjoyment. Contact us today to arrange a viewing or for any further information you may require.


Rotax 912 UL


Used, built in 2010




variometer, turn indicator, transponder, radio, rescue system

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Matthis: +330643360059

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