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For Sale: Flight Design CTLSi GT-600 Grand Touring

It was love at first sight over 4 years ago - my still youthful CTLSi and I, as a senior pilot. We formed a great team, though unfortunately only for 50 hours of shared adventures. Life always seemed to get in the way, which is why I'm now seeking a new love for my CTLSi. And here she is:

- Year of Manufacture: 6.2019
- Engine: Rotax 912iS Injected - 100 HP
- Total Engine and Aircraft Hours: 50!
- Fresh Annual Inspection: 12.2023
- First Owner and Always Hangared

Additional Features:

- Fallschirm for MTOW 600kg
- Premium Comfort Package
- Night Flight Package
- Large LED Landing Light
- Constant Speed Variable Pitch Propeller
- Brown Leather Sports Seats with Lumbar Support
- Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Tech Battery
- Kannad AF406 ELT 406 Mhz
- Traffic Monitoring System AT-1
- Analog Backup Instruments
- Dual 10" Dynon SkyView (upgraded from 7")
- Dual 10" HDX Premium (upgraded from 7")
- Level Button
- Knob Panel - Altitude, Heading, Barometric Pressure
- Double USB Chargers
- Tablet + Mediapad Holders

More Specifications in English:

- Enhanced durable urethane exterior paint in white

- Medium instrument console with 4 panels, including:
  - Dynon Double Display SkyView
  - Dynon ADAHRS and ADHARS backup
  - Dynon SV-SYNVIS-280 Synthetic Vision
  - Double pitot system with AoA probe, connected to ADAHRS
  - Ability to use PocketFMS - AeroData Navigation and Obstacle Database (subscription not included)
  - Independent sensor and GPS units installed at optimal locations
  - Full digital EMS functionality
  - Wi-Fi function for data transfer from popular flight planning apps
  - Dynon Skyview COM Radio SV-COM-X83 with control panel
  - Push-to-Talk buttons on each control stick
  - Dynon SV-XPNDR 261 Mode S Transponder with Altitude Encoding
  - Dynon Two-Place Stereo Intercom SV-INTERCOM-2S

- Rotax 912 iS UL - 100 hp, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed spark ignition engine with electronic fuel injection; TBO 2,000 hrs
- Air induction by NACA Inlet in cowling with integrated filter box
- Advanced 3-blade ground adjustable composite propeller, spinner included

- Electric trim on stabilator with aluminium trim plates on rudder and aileron
- Lightweight high-output Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery 12V / 10Ah
- Fuel system with dual redundant electric fuel pumps, tank backflow line, and fuel tank selector valve
- Wheelpants and landing gear fairings on main wheels, combined wheelpant and leg fairing on nose wheel

- Extended Fuel Tank: 2x65 Liters
- Thermostat Package for measuring water and oil temperatures
- Advanced Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Technology (10Ah) Battery
- Premium Comfort Package CTLS GT (Grand Touring)
- 3 Blade Constant Speed Variable Pitch Propeller (912iS only)
- Light Brown Leather "Pegaso" - Sport Seat and Interior color option (Only with Premium Comfort Package)
- Parachute Rescue system suitable for MTOW 600 kg
- Upgrade to Dual Dynon SkyView Touch 10" displays (upgraded from Dual 7" to Dual 10" Touch Displays)
- Upgrade to Dual 10" Skyview Displays in HDX Premium Version (only with specified option)
- KANNAD AF 406 Compact ELT 406 MHz with remote control
- Traffic Monitoring Function
- Analog Backup Instrumentation
- Dynon Autopilot
- Dynon "Level Button" (included in HDX firmware)

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a well-maintained and feature-packed Flight Design CTSLi GT-600 Grand Touring. Contact me for further details and to arrange a viewing. Serious inquiries only.


Rotax 912 IS, 50h


Used, built in 2019, 50h TT


variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, clock, transponder, FLARM, ELT, stall warning, radio, autopilot, electric trim, rescue system

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