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If you're looking for a high-quality aircraft for sale, then look no further! I have a single-seat all-wood Himax aircraft that is sure to impress. This airplane has been covered with ceconite to ensure maximum durability while flying. Additionally, it is equipped with a Rotax 503 engine that has been professionally installed for your safety.

Last year, I upgraded the avionics, electrical wiring, and antenna. I have also installed new fuel lines with a drain valve and added a heating system to keep you warm and comfortable during colder flights. Furthermore, I have installed a new throttle control and an E-Prop propeller, which provides you with maximum efficiency.

Notably, I have also installed an electric carburetor heating system to ensure reliability during colder weather conditions. To add to its significant features are new shock absorber tires and a new skid that was fabricated during the winter.

What stands out about this aircraft is its digital sensors that include EGT and CHT for both cylinders, OAT, CARB. TEMP., FUEL PRS., and fuel flow meter. All the information will be displayed on the MGL instrument, making it easy for you to manage the aircraft. The electrical circuit is separated from the battery by a contactor, and everything is connected through a separate circuit breaker and switch for additional safety.

This year, I took my time to replace the Rotax 447 engine with an aviation Rotax 503, which comes with dual ignition, 2 carburetors, and carburetor heating. This engine is the perfect addition to fly safely with.

The aircraft has a composite 3-blade E-Prop propeller, which is ground-adjustable, and mechanical flaperons with 2 positions. This means that the stall speed is approximately 45-50 km/h, depending on the pilot's weight.

Manufactured in 1999, this airplane has only 84 hours of usage, with the engine having been used for only 50 hours and the propeller only 40 hours, making it suitable for pilots up to a maximum height of 190 cm.

Don't miss out on the chance to buy this marvelous plane! You're welcome to see it by visiting LKKL airport. It is also equipped with MGL Aviation Vega ASV-1, MGL Aviation Vega EMS-1 and Icom IC-A24E avionics, ensuring you have everything you need for a smooth flight.


Rotax 503, 50h


Used, built in 1999, 84h TT




variometer, turn indicator, stall warning, radio, heating

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