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The Blackshape Prime BS100 is the ideal aircraft for pilots who demand superior performance and unmatched reliability. It boasts a maximum take-off weight of 600 KG and a ROTAX 912 ULS3 engine with 100 hp, achieving a maximum cruising speed of 145 kts (270 km/h) and an economic cruising speed of around 125 knots (230 km/h). This Italian tandem two-seater is built entirely of carbon fiber (carbon) and can be optionally equipped with an engine from 100 to 165 hp.

The cockpit of Prime 100 is designed to perfection with fully integrated state-of-the-art avionics (PFD, MFD, NAV) as part of a full glass cockpit. With a retractable landing gear and a variable speed propeller, you can trust the Blackshape Prime to get you where you need to go.

Developed for both civilian and military markets, the Blackshape Prime comes in three different versions. This particular model, with S/N BPU012-13, was produced in 2013 and has an ARC DULV validity till 08/02/2024.

With its engine and mainframe overhauled in 2022, this aircraft is in prime condition. The MLG and NLG were also overhauled in 2022, with new MLG shock absorbers in place. The Rotax 912ULS 100 Hp engine has 435 hours Hobbs and 420.1 hours Tacho with a TBO of 2000 Hours, running on AVGAS and MOGAS. The fuel flow meter Red Box FT-60 joined to Dynon, oil catch tank that condensates oil vapor from the engine, Silent Hektik F4122 LiFePO4 Regula Rectifier, and the new electric fuel pump Pierburg are some of the additional features of this amazing aircraft.

The Blackshape Prime also has a MTV-33-1-A/175-200 s/n 130780 propeller and Governor P-850-12UL- s/n 220-0037 overhauled in 2022. It comes with a BRS E Junkers Magnum 601 that is due for the next check in August 2026, and a Lithium Battery LiFePO4 (12V/20Ah) as the main battery. The backside panel has MAG 1 + MAG 2, an Engine Start button, Landing gear control switch, Flaps control selector, Backside thrust control lever, Backside brake control lever, and Backside propeller pitch control lever.

This aircraft also features a three-point retractable landing gear with additional manual emergency opening, two anti-explosive fuel tanks of 35 liters each, and an additional fuel tank of 23 liters, allowing for a total of 93 liters capacity. The Junkers Magnum emergency rescue system (600 kg) and Magnetic switches for NGL and MGL and gas strut make it safe and reliable.

The aircraft has a canopy lock with two keys, front seat PIC with Dynon EFIS Display Skyview SV-D1000, Dynon Back-up Battery, Radio Garmin GTR225, Mode S Transponder Dynon TRIG TT-21 incorporated to Dynon, ELT ACK-04, and Fly Box Flap Automatic. It also has a Falcon mechanical Compass, Air Speed Indicator - mechanical, and Altimeter – mechanical.

The back seat comes with a Flybox AH Instrument, and the aircraft comes complete with all approved factory documentation and has executed Bulletin BPU-SB-27-0022 for Tailplane Control Surface Mass Balancing.

Additional features of this aircraft include a back strobe + position light AVEO – new 2022, Autotrim for Dynon Skywvew - AP panel + Knob panel+ servos – back installation on demand and extra costs for the parts, and it has always been hangared.

This Blackshape Prime BS100 with a S/N BPU012-13 produced in 2013 is a great aircraft, with a unique design and features that make it a work of art. With all of its specifications and details, this airplane comes ready to fly, and its performance is something that any pilot would be proud of.


Rotax 912 ULS, 435h


Used, built in 2013, 435h TT




variometer, turn indicator, artificial horizon, heading indicator, GPS or other navigation, transponder, ELT, radio, electric flaps, heating, rescue system

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