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FOR SALE: VIRUS SW 100 iS - Tail Wheel Model

Are you in the market for a high-quality aircraft? Look no further! I am selling my VIRUS SW 100 iS, tail wheel model, complete with impressive features and only 210 hours total time airframe. This aircraft is equipped with a powerful Rotax 912 IS 100 HP fuel-injected engine, guaranteeing optimal performance during your flights.

Exclusively designed, this aircraft offers a comfortable and luxurious flying experience. The cabin features rigid, new shape leather seats and cockpit upholstery upgrade, providing ultimate comfort. Additionally, the air speed indicator with an 80 diameter accurately displays speeds from 0 to 350 km/h (0-200 Kts), while the 80 diameter altimeter gives precise readings from 0 to 10,000 meters (0-20,000 ft).

The VIRUS SW 100 iS comes with several exceptional upgrades. The nose wheel model, including the 4,00 X 4 wheel (additional weight 8.8 Kg), ensures smooth landings and take-offs. For your convenience, an easily accessible side door for outside baggage access has been installed (additional weight 0.8 kg). The wingtip nav lights, strobe lights LED, and landing light (additional weight 1.3 kg) provide enhanced visibility and safety during night flights.

This aircraft is equipped with a SkyView 10" SV1000 & SV1000 touch double screen, which includes EMS, OAT, MAP, F.P., and GPS functionalities (without D 180). For added navigation capabilities, the SkyView GPS Navigation Mapping Software is included. Additionally, with the integrated SkyView Autopilot and 2 servos SV32 & SV42, navigating the skies has never been easier. 

When it comes to safety and communication, this aircraft has you covered. The Power Flarm Traffic detector (XPDR, ADS-B, FLARM) ensures you are aware of nearby aircraft, while the Radio Filser ATR 833 with built-in intercom, outside antenna, and 2 Pipistrel headsets allow for clear and convenient communication during your flights. The Transponder Filser TRT800 C/S-mode with encoder, aerial, and installation is also included.

A variety of practical extras have been added to this VIRUS SW 100 iS. The wing-mounted air brakes are recommended for runways shorter than 500 m (1500 ft), ensuring secure and precise landings. The Beringer high-performance main wheels & brakes, including a parking brake, provide exceptional braking capabilities. In the event of an emergency, the ballistic rescue system GRS 6/473 SD with container (additional weight 15 kg) offers added peace of mind.

For those interested in towing banners or gliders, this aircraft comes with a tow hook (available for nose wheel version only) capable of supporting up to 700 kg MTOM. The additional photographic window in the door and air vent hole in the top window offer enhanced visibility and airflow. Both doors are equipped with locks for added security.

The 2-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller MTV-33 (including V3 reducer and governor) ensures efficient and precise power delivery. For convenient storage, an aircraft hoist system with attachment points and hooks is included. Protect your investment with the wings, tail, and fuselage cover made from a light cloth material. Finally, the handbrake holder with 2 steps offers ease of use.

As the first owner of this meticulously maintained aircraft, I am selling it to upgrade to an amphibian aircraft. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. For more information, please call 00386 40 708 499. Serious inquiries only.


Rotax 912 iS, 210h


Used, built in 2016, 210h TT




turn indicator, artificial horizon, GPS or other navigation, transponder, FLARM, ELT, radio, autopilot, rescue system

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